Wednesday, January 15, 2014

23 Mobile Things: Thing 1

Hi all! I'm Diana. I'm a reference and instruction librarian at an academic library in St. Cloud. This blog is to document my experiences with the Minnesota multitype library systems' 23 Mobile Things program. Thing 1 is setting up this blog and saying what I hope to get from this program, so here we go:

1. Play Time. I'm serious about play time! I've had this iPad for a year and my clunky past-gen iPhone for two, but I never seem to carve out any time to explore new apps or try new things. I'm hoping this program will help me dedicate some time to really investigate some of the most useful/interesting/educational/organizational tools that are currently available online.

2. U12 Prep. U12 is my library's new teaching classroom (our open house reception to show it off is February 4th if you want to come). It comes equipped with 20 iPads for students to use during our instruction sessions. It would be great if 23 Mobile Things gets me more comfortable with using an iPad as a teaching tool or introduces me to some apps I could integrate into my information literacy sessions.

3. Librarian Conversations. I am kind of in love with librarians as professionals. We're generally clever, curious, and well-read individuals who love to share information and help others out (don't burst my bubble here, Annoyed Librarian types!). So I'm looking forward to learning what apps etc. have worked well for the rest of you, and to see what some of your ideas are for using the 23 mobile things we try out in the coming months.